Review of Pranamar in Costa Rica

Here's a quickie review of Pranamar Villas in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. I stayed there in April 2014 for a yoga retreat.

I had a wonderful stay; the staff was friendly and accommodating, the food was varied and tasty, the open-air yoga room was lovely. It was the dry season so some of the foliage on the property was a little thirsty. There are hammocks on the porches and on the beach.  The beach is a 30 second walk across the property. Massage and Reiki are available on site.

Thirsty vegetation by a salt-water pool.
Stop! Hammock Time.
Yoga Room

From all accounts, it is the nicest hotel in the area. Just like my stay at Soulshine, Bali, I'd describe it more like luxury cabin camping. Not a knock on the property - just an observation.
Pranamar Kula House