2 Minutes to Calm Down - Bee's Breath

woman facing a wall, hands on head
 I've written before about one of my favorite tricks to calm myself when I need a moment.

"Bee's Breath" is also great for when you're stressed.

Hand Position
- Place your thumbs over the flaps inside your ears, and gently plug your ears.
- Place your index fingers gently over your closed eyes.
- Place your middle fingers on each side of the bridge of the nose.
- Place your ring fingers in the space between your nose and lips.
- Place your pinky fingers on your chin.

Now take a deep breathe in and then hum a single note- however loud you like - whatever note comes out.

At the end of your long, slow hum/exhale take another deep breath and repeat.  Do this for about 2 minutes.

The entire world will melt away.  All you'll hear is the hum.  It is really soothing.

I suppose you could hum a song that you find calming. I haven't tried it that way myself, but you might like it.