The Most Lovely Yoga Sentiment

A brief musing on the point of yoga poses

magnetic alphabet letters scatterd about
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
  I recently stumbled upon the most lovely sentiment that I now hold dear when I step on my yoga mat. I think it is especially good for anyone new to practicing yoga and wanting to "get it right".
Yoga poses are like the letters of the alphabet.  The point of learning the letter "A" isn't to be able to write the very best letter "A" possible, but to be able to write novels and poetry and notes to friends. 

Yes. Forget about wrangling your body into the picture-perfect down dog or crazy arm balance.  Let your body write its own poetry.

[The sentiment was mentioned in passing in a recording I recently listened to of a class on Rest, Flow, and Destuckification led by Havi Brooks. Ms. Brooks shares something she attributes to Andrey Lappa. It's not a direct quote - it's my interpretation.]