Acupressure for Anxiety

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I've been playing around with an acupressure point that is supposed to help with anxiety and to also release emotional gunk.  It's also good for shoulder and upper back tension.

Dealing with emotions isn't exactly my strong suit so any time I can let the body work through them instead of my mind, I'm game.  Also, who doesn't need to release some shoulder and upper back tension?

This acupressure point is on the chest.  Well, there are two actually, one on the right and one on the left.

Halfway between your left armpit and the center of your chest and halfway between your collar bone and your breast, you should feel a spot that is a little more tender.

Anyway, you can give yourself a little massage at that point while taking some nice deep breaths. You'll know how hard to press.  It might be tender at first and then you can press harder as you relax. You can press right on it or kind of massage in a circular motion. Pain isn't okay but sensation is.

To me, it feels like rubbing a sore muscle, there is definitely sensation and if I press too hard, pain.  There is that fine line of pressing hard enough to relieve tension but being soft enough so it still feels good.

I'm not sure if I'm actually releasing any emotional gunk, but the massage feels good and is calming at any rate. 

It's also supposedly good for warding off an impending panic attack.  Combating depression, alleviating breathing issues, and grief are also benefits ascribed to this practice.