Palm Reading in Bali

Soulshine Bali
View from the yoga room at Soulshine, Bali

When I was in Bali, I had my palm read.  I don't really believe in that sort of thing but it seems to be pervasive in the culture there.

Our guide / driver who is affiliated with the hotel arranged for his family's healer / palm reader to come to the hotel.  The man had a wonderful "grandfather" quality about him. Quiet joy comes to mind as a descriptor. 

This all came to me via a translator. Here is what he said/did:
*I'm very smart and have a good brain.    true
*I don't like dishonesty.    true
*I can have 2 kids.    I don't want to have kids but good to know
*I'm slow to forgive.    true
*Spiritual practice is good for me.    It's probably good for everyone
*My liver gives me problems.    Not to my knowledge, then again, I do have genetically high cholesterol (which is made in the liver)
*I have left upper back issues.    nope - well, does tension count?
*I have lower back issues.    nope
*My parents are respected.    I guess.
*I dated a lot before choosing my husband.    true
*I'll be successful in my career.  More successful if I work for others and not myself.   I'm successful in my career already I guess. 
*My finances are good.   true
*I feel like throwing up a lot.    false

He felt my palms.
He touched my feet and kind of did acupressure with his fingernails.
He manipulated my toes, cracked all my toes, and massaged my feet.
He held his hands over my knees.
He twanged on the nerves/tendons in my ankles. (felt SUPER STRANGE and a little painful)
He did the same thing in my fingers, hands, elbows, and shoulders.
He also put his finger in my belly button. (After which he said the part about me dating a lot.)

So that was that. I'm glad I gave it a try. 

I was very relaxed afterward.   Then again, I was on a yoga retreat/vacation.  I was pretty relaxed the whole time there.