Review of Soulshine Bali

Here's a quick review of my stay at Soulshine in Bali. I was there in May 2013 for a yoga retreat.

The staff is wonderful and so is the food. 

Soulshine in Bali; traditional meal, lush grounds, pool

However, I wasn't prepared for my accommodations.  Please don't misconstrue what follows to be a negative review, it is just information I wish I knew before staying there.

I'd describe my accommodations as luxury camping. It actually reminded me a lot of the summer camp I worked at in northern Minnesota when I was 19.

There are bugs everywhere. It's the tropics, so I expect this outside, but not necessarily in my room. The doors are rustic and lock from the outside with a padlock or inside with a wooden bar.  I got a spider bite or two just about every night.  There is an air conditioner, which does work well. 

I stayed in one of the shared rooms.  Two twin beds per room (which is what I was expecting).

twin beds in shared room at Soulshine, Bali

In this area of the hotel, the showers and toilets are each in separate rooms, and are communal. If Soulshine is at capacity, I believe it is 10 people for 2 toilets, 2 showers, and 2 sinks. The showers and toilet rooms remind me of the facilities I use at state parks when I'm camping.  Clean and adequate.

shower and toilet rooms at Soulshine, Bali

The laundry service is good.  My clothes came back clean and in good condition.

The yoga room is wonderful. Open air on all 4 sides.  The downside is all the ants and spiders. They are all over the floor. Every time your face is near the floor, you get an up close view of them.  In savasana, they crawl on you.  

Soulshine yoga room

Again, please don't think I'm badmouthing Soulshine.  It was a wonderful week!  I'm someone who likes to have as much information as possible when I book travel, so I'm sharing this with you.