Why am I keeping it?

a storage bin with a jumble of items
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Like clockwork, around October or November I get the urge to reconfigure my space in some way.

I remember one year swapping our bedroom space with our office space.  One day I just realized it would be way better in that configuration. Lucky for me my husband is easy going and just went with it.

Last year I got rid of my desk at home and moved a couch from the living room into the office instead.  I also changed up a lot of my home decor.

This year I've gotten the bug again.  I love/hate my living room couch.  It's comfy and about as wide as a twin bed (makes for excellent napping) but its not quite right for the decor and is 7.5 years old.  My TV stand is meh.  I like my lamps.  I need more plants.  The office needs some serious help; it just feels off.  I don't like my bedding.  My wardrobe is in the same boat.

While I'm figuring out what changes I'm actually going to make, I'm playing around with the following question.
Why am I keeping it?

Three common answers pop up for me.
#1  spent money on it - might use in future - don’t waste it

#2  still like it - hope to use it

#3  inertia
I have patterns around 'making do' with things and settling for 'good enough', even when it results in incongruence.  I'm exploring getting rid of things that I'm only keeping for reason #1  (and by get rid of I mean donate or recycle). 

I'm keeping things that fall into reason #2. 

When reason #3 comes up, I'm pausing to see if the thing is congruent with now and to try to look at it with fresh eyes.