Salad Toast from The Juice Standard

One never knows what kind of healthy food will be found when traveling for work. 

At a recent conference at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, I was in search of something more Whole Foods Plant Based than the conference's breakfast buffet had to offer. 

Enter The Juice Standard. I found salad toast, chia seed pudding, and some fresh juice. Crazy good. 

I've been making chia seed pudding for a few years now, and everyone has had freshly juiced juice concoctions, but salad toast is new to me. And it BLEW MY MIND.  

This one was a chunky cucumber tzatziki with cherry tomatoes and micro greens. Ya eat it with a knife and fork. 

I'm obsessed. 

And it ties right in with the motto I adopted after becoming a nutritionist - "put a salad on it". 

salad toast, chia pudding, and fresh juice
Salad toast, chia pudding, and juice from The Juice Standard