Kale Salad with Mangos and Honey Lemon Dressing

[Makes 2 meal-sized salads]
a bowl with kale salad, mangos, and jerk chicken
Shown with jerk chicken on top.
1 bunch kale
1 lemon
1 mango
handful of pepitas (optional)
salt & pepper


  • stem and chop the kale into salad sized pieces
  • place the chopped kale (loosely packed) in a 1.75 QT container that has a lid; any excess kale can go in the fridge for other recipes
  • cut the lemon in half; squeeze one half over the kale; squeeze the second half into a small bowl [if the lemon is small, sometimes I'll use 2 lemons and squeeze one onto the kale and the other into the bowl]
  • season the kale with salt & pepper
  • with your hands, massage the lemon juice and s&p into the kale for 3-4 minutes until it begins to soften and turns a brighter green; set aside
  • peel and chop the mango; add to the container of massaged kale
  • to the small bowl of lemon juice add about 1 TBS honey; stir to combine; add more honey if it suits you
  • to the lemon honey mixture, add a splash of olive oil and some salt & pepper; stir well
  • pour the dressing over the mango and kale; put the lid on the container and shake well
  • top with pepitas when serving

Can be made 1-2 days ahead of time. Keeps very well in the fridge. Just shake the container to distribute the dressing before serving.

I like to top the salad with marinated, cooked chicken pieces. Jerk chicken is my favorite. Chicken marinated in tequila or citrus is also good.