Ditching Dairy from the USDA Guidelines

A second group of physicians has called for removing dairy from the USDA guidelines.

various plant-based foods with a caption of "eat more plants | science says so"

When I think of the USDA food guidelines, the 1992 food pyramid is what comes to mind. I think it was brand new when I took my school district's required health class back in the day.

I recently came across this succinct history of USDA food guidelines, going back to 1916.

The 1940s Basic Seven is a riot in how it groups the various fruits and veggies. "For Health ... eat some food from each group every day!"
  • green and yellow veggies; some raw, some cooked, frozen or canned
  • oranges, tomatoes, grapefruits; or raw cabbage or salad greens
  • potatoes and other vegetables and fruits; raw, dried, cooked, frozen or canned
  • milk and milk products; fluid, evaporated, dried milk, or cheese
  • meat, poultry, fish, or eggs; or dried beans, peas, nuts, or peanut butter
  • bread, flour, and cereals; natural whole grain or enriched or restored
  • butter and fortified margarine (with added vitamin A)
But I digress. The real reason for this post is a second group of physicians calling upon the USDA to remove dairy from its MyPlate guidelines. The first was the American Medical Association in 2018 and most recently is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Read more at Plant Based News.

If you are worried about getting enough calcium in diet if you ditch dairy, eat more plants. 


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