What's Normal is Subjective

A fascinating article that looks at the parallels of physicians' stance on smoking back then and plant-based nutrition now.

various plant-based foods with a caption of "eat more plants | science says so"

Dr. Granger over at NutritionFacts.org compares the medical community's "normal" stance on eating animal protein now with their stance on smoking being "normal" for many years, calling it the Medical Meat Bias.

His CTA at the end of the article is:

"... until the system changes, we have to take personal responsibility for our health and for our family’s health. We can’t wait until society catches up with the science again, because it’s a matter of life and death."

Even though plant-based eating has a ton of good science to back up the benefits, I conjecture it will still take a solid decade or so (at the very least) for real change to come.  


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