Korean Rice Cakes #1 - broccoli and spicy sauce

Now that we are plant-based, I'm dusting off some old recipes and converting them. 

a bowl with Korean rice cakes, mushrooms, broccoli, and green onions in a spicy sauce

OG Recipe

This pork tteokbokki recipe was in our regular weeknight dinner rotation for a good 2-3 years. It took a little bit to get the spicy/sweet ratio dialed in for our preferences but was still good every time.

It's a flexible recipe allowing for substitutions like:

  • broccoli or baby bok choy for asparagus (broccoli was our fave as it really soaks up the sauce)
  • brown rice instead of Korean rice cakes
  • or a blob of honey and some soy sauce (or tamari or coconut aminos) when I didn't have soy glaze on hand. 

The must-have sauce ingredients are black bean garlic sauce* and Gochujang. 


As an updated version, I made this dish with finely chopped baby bella mushrooms instead of pork. After sauteing the aromatics, I added the mushrooms and sauted until soft. Then I proceeded with the sauce. After it came together, I felt it was missing a little something so I added a few drops of liquid smoke, tasted, and added a few more drops. 

I won't say it is exactly the same as the pork dish, but was tasty none the less.

My husband rates the plant-based version "very good". That is high praise.

Nutrition Notes

Whether strictly plant-based or the pork version, this dish is a sodium bomb. Be mindful of your sodium intake the rest of the day. 


*I use Lee Kum Kee brand. My local Asian market sells it and I've also purchased it online. Not an affiliate or sponsored relationship, just a product I use at the time I write this. I used to subscribe to Blue Apron. Also not an affiliate link.