Recipe Review: Super Eggy Vegan Tofu Scramble

a bowl with tofu scramble, avocado, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and sauce

I'd never really gotten into tofu. 

I'm sure you understand. 

It's a squishy white blobish brick that smells weird and just looks, well, sad

Anyway, I know how good it is for nutrition so I'm giving it a go. 

I've been missing egg-based brunch dishes so I decided to look for a tofu scramble recipe. I figured worst case scenario I could load it up with veggies and add some sauce. 

Recipe Review

Out the gate, this Super Eggy Vegan Tofu Scramble did not disappoint! 

I made the following alterations:

  • first I small diced about 1/2c of red onion and 1/2c green bell pepper and sauted them until soft
  • almond milk instead of soy
  • I ended up adding more Kala Namak
  • after adding the sauce mixture and getting the dish to a consistency I liked, I stirred in the cooked pepper and onion

Then I served it in a bowl with some air-fried potatoes, raw cherry tomatoes, sliced avocado, a Cajun sauce (review coming soon) and chives. 

This breakfast scramble really hit the spot. I won't say it is just like eggs, because it's not. However, I would totally make it again. It would also be good as part of a breakfast burrito.  

My husband did not try this dish. I'll see what he thinks next time around. 

Nutrition Notes

Turmeric, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast are all powerhouse ingredients. And of course, tofu is the reason for this post in the first place.

Paired with your favorite breakfast plants, this dish is even more hearty and healthy.