Recipe Review: BBQ Tofu with Creamed Corn and Collards


A dish of BBQ tofu, creamed corn, and collard greens with carrots

I tried another tofu recipe. While I haven't quite mastered the process to get the texture absolutely perfect, this dish was pretty much a home run. 

My husband said all around this was very good. Would definitely eat again. 

Recipe Review

I made Barbecue Tofu Bowls*. Each element on its own was excellent and the combo of the three was good together. I love that I now have a go-to creamed corn recipe and one for collards with carrots.

Here are the modifications I made:

  • After cutting up the veggies and setting the tofu to press/drain, I started with the creamed corn. The ratio of onion to corn was off - next time I'd use half an onion or double the corn and up the liquid a bit. Also, it needed to simmer waaaaaay longer than 2-3 minutes at the end to actually get creamy. I basically let the mixture simmer for 15 minutes while I worked on everything else. Don't forget S&P to taste. 
    • Next time, I'd use my immersion blender for a few seconds at the end to blend up a few of the chunks to get a creamier consistency. 
  • Next I fried the tofu. I cut it into pieces that were a bit smaller than the 1-inch cubes suggested by the recipe. It also took more like 10 minutes to lightly brown on all sides. I didn't salt the tofu.
  • While the tofu browned, I made the collards and carrots as directed. The ACV is truly the secret ingredient here. Don't forget S&P to taste. 
  • No modifications to the saucing of the tofu.


This is a well-balanced dish. Watch the amount of sugar in the BBQ sauce you buy but otherwise just dig in!


*I used to subscribe to Purple Carrot. This is not an affiliate link.