Recipe Review: Vegan Caramels

a tray of vegan caramels with chocolate drizzle

This recipe for vegan caramels caught my eye. I had no expectations of it being good but WOW I actually really liked it. 
I wouldn't say they tasted like caramels at all, but the sweetness and spice still hit the spot as a treat. This is a nutmeg-forward recipe, which I like.

My husband also thought they were pretty good. Only complaint was the chia seeds that end up gelling up if they get stuck in your teeth.
Modifications I made or will make next time:
  • Cut the recipe in half. This made soooooo many. 
  • I used wax paper instead of parchment paper and skipped the whole brushing-pan-with-oil part. And skipped the wire rack part, too.
  • I used a jelly roll pan instead of loaf pan. I honestly didn't understand why the instructions have you use a smaller pan and then roll out the caramels. Just press into a jelly roll pan from the get go. You can flatten out using the rolling pin and second sheet of wax paper. 
  • I did some little bars and some balls. Both were great. 
  • I'd try this without the chia to see how it hangs together and to make more husband friendly.