Before You Check Your Work Email


screenshot of email icon

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


Checking email can be stressful. Here is a quick way to get calm before you dive in. 


Listen to this exercise on the free FocusMinder app - it's available for your mobile device or Windows.


Take a few breaths to arrive.

Repeat each of the following, silently or out loud.

*I pause to enter my inbox deliberately and consciously.


*I will breathe slowly and deeply while I initially scan my inbox.


*I remember that email is ultimately about relationships and connections.


*Each message deserves focused attention so I can best determine appropriate responses and next steps.


*I am prepared to navigate any surprises that come my way.


*After checking my email, I will breathe a deep inhale and exhale to release the experience.


Now consciously enter your inbox.


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