Donburi Bowl with Sweet Potatos, Cabbage Slaw, and Sauce

 Now that we are plant-based, I'm dusting off some old recipes and converting them. 
donburi bowl of rice, sweet potatoes, cabbage slaw, cherry tomatoes, and sauce

OG Recipe

This Miso Sweet Potato Donburi* recipe was pretty good the first time we made it and then allowed for variations to suit our taste. 
Modifications I typically make:
  • Medium dice the sweet potato, toss with avocado oil, and cook in an air fryer. I usually do 7-9 minutes at 400 degrees to start and then maybe a minute or two to follow. The time it took to heat up the oven and roast the sweet potatoes was honestly the reason I didn't make it more often (before I had an air fryer).
  • I usually have Jasmine rice on hand and use 1/2 cup dry to 1 cup water. I only use more if I want leftover rice. I boil my rice like I do pasta. 
  • Mirin and rice vinegar are the secret ingredient for the rice. You can skip them of course but adding them is what elevates this to something you'd get from a restaurant. Also, vinegar on rice helps blunt the blood sugar spike you'd normally get.
  • I love green onions so I probably use half a bunch for this recipe instead of a paltry 2 of them as called for.
  • The cabbage slaw is great and is something easy to toss together as a side with other dinners (e.g., makes a great street taco ingredient). Instead of cutting it into ribbons, for this recipe I like a smaller cut more similar to the size of the sweet potato chunks.
  • For the sauce, I never have black garlic on hand and found it to be kinda meh anyway. I grate one clove of regular fresh garlic into the mayo. Sometimes I use miso and sometimes not. One of my favorite combos is to add a big blob of hoisin sauce, a small blob of Gochujang. Don't skip the vinegar.    
  • I like a little furikake you might like more. 
  • Sliced cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, and avocado make nice additions.
  • Once I compose the bowls, I like to stir mine all together.  
  • My current favorite addition is these five spice peanuts*. 


All this recipe needed to become plant-based was dropping the egg and switching to a plant-based mayo or yogurt. 
*I used to subscribe to Blue Apron. This is not an affiliate link. The peanuts are a product I like at the time I write this. 


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