Past Lives

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I've been encouraged to write up my thoughts on the existential. This may be too woo for you but here we go anyway. 

I didn’t used to believe in past lives. But now I understand them on an existential level. I’m not aware of them on a practical basis, instead ceding their existence makes current day relationships, patterns, and dynamics make sense.

You see, my soul already has one foot in its next life. This one is more of a stopover. 

That time frame is interesting to consider. Learnings and experiences from now are important not only in this lifetime but specifically for the next.

Yet, outside of this physical world, time doesn’t exist. It is a construct for here. So, my soul’s past and future “lives” are happening now. It’s hard to hold that in my mind at the same time as now, but sometimes I can do it for a bit and it all clicks. I don’t think it is supposed to be easy to do.

It’s too empty if I am merely here for my own learnings. That is a waste. There are so many people that need to be walked home. Gently shown the way back to a path that is less unforgiving.

I know people are all on their paths, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be there for each other.

Now *that* is a polarity that is hard to hold at once. People making their choices is on their path because where else would those decisions be? And yet, allegiance to humanity demands that we help other using our gifts, skills, and divinity.

Free will + a helping heart. If you have knowledge, let others light their candle by it. We can only be on our own journey, but we can still hold space for others that pass near us. In fact, maybe that *is* our own journey.



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